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Art & Create classes- FUTURE CREATIVES

Weekly art & create classes for 7-10 year olds

NEW creative art classes for children aged 7-10 years old. Your child will create their own unique, inspired masterpieces using a range of art materials and new techniques, focusing on the making and learning, rather than just the finished product.

From the great masters to contemporary art, children's storybooks to everyday crafts, we will inspire your child on their creative journey encouraging them to indulge in a life full of visual interest. 

Prepare to get messy in our engaging artist led studio classes as we fill up our sessions with colour, expression, visual language, imagination, inspiration and exploration and stories

New classes for APRIL 2024 will be open for booking shortly

Classes- 1.5hours-  (drop & go)

Limited places

Sibling discount

Book online


APRIL- 13th, 20th, 27th

MAY- 4th, 18th, 25th (no class on the 11th)

JUNE- 1st, 8th

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